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发布时间:May 20, 2021 9:48:27 PM

1,Packaging of items
At present,Insdoor does not provide item packaging. All delivery items need to be packaged byusers themselves, and fill in the order number and the address and contact information of therecipient and sender in the prominent position of the item after packaging, so as to facilitate theidentification and contact of the delivery personnel. Well-packaged items placed in thedesignated place, and photographed and uploaded. lf the delivered items need to be refrigeratedor speciallv delivered, please pack them properly.
2,Size of the item
The size of lnsdoor delivery items, length x width x height is 40 inches x 30 inches x 20 inches.
Oversized items will not be delivered for the time being.
3,Weight of the item
insdoor delivery items, the weight is limited to 30 pounds. lf the item exceeds 30 pounds and isless than 40 pounds, it will be charged 1.5 times, and if it exceeds 40 pounds, it will be chargedtwice. ltems weighing more than 50 pounds will not be delivered. For overweight items, be sureto indicate "overweight items" when placing an order. Otherwise, it will not be delivered.
4,The price of the item
Insdoor supports the item insurance function. For uninsured items, Insdoor will compensate up to$100. Please specify the valuables.
Prohibited items