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发布时间:Jun 28, 2021 2:10:33 AM

Company Profile
We are INSDOOR, born in Silicon Valley, San Fran-cisco in is a technology company thatclosely connects the real world and the digitalworld. We provide real-time services to globausers, delivering the items they need in real time. lnorder for people to earn income independently invarious ways, we are committed to continuouslycreating more perfect logistics methods. This is ourmission, always inspiring us to forge ahead, withendless innovation and endless service. We willcontinue to strive forward.
Localinstant delivery

INSDOOR,as a current one-on-one express deliveryplatform in the same city instant delivery industrydefines the service standards and timeliness forone-on-one express delivery.The INSDOOR 1-to-1service model clarifies that INSDOOR personnelonly serve one customer at a time throughout theentire process from pickup to delivery, withpoint-to-point delivery. Therefore, the service ismore efficient,deterministic,and secure, and canalso provide various specialized services for differ-ent types of delivery for customers
Delivery scope
INSDOOR currently provides local dedicateddelivery services, with only some nearby cities sup-porting cross city delivery.At present, the companysupports multiple delivery methods such as, electric vehicles, and public transpor-tation.
- Delivery items
Delivery of documents;Daily necessities such as digital products andclothing;Deliver gifts such as cakes and flowers;
Prohibited goods that are explicitly prohibited orrestricted by the state cannot be delivered. Forexample: gasoline, alcohol, kerosene, tung oil.lacquer, matches,pesticides, etc.Special instruc-tions: Pets, valuable, vulnerable items, and otherspecial items need to take protective measuresthemselves; lf the pet needs to be placed in a sturdycage for INSDOR personnel to carry, valuable itemsshould be sealed and packaged.